Brushed A Brushed and Polished Browser Interface.

Brushed A Brushed and Polished Browser Interface.

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VERSION HISTORY – Playing nice at addons.mozilla.org

released 2006-01-07 / 473KB, 95 CSS-files, 242 images – Major improvements towards extension compatibility and overall look&feel
I love CSS!

released 2005-10-20 / 458KB, 91 CSS-files, 239 images – Favicons, Deer Park, Extensions and Theme Options

released 2005-06-09 / 438KB, 81 CSS-files, 225 images / 43985 downloads (temporaer.net)
Due to the fact, that I have fixed so many bugs and overhauled so many parts of the theme, I've decided to skip version number and go directly to – Extension improvements

released 2005-05-04 / 408KB, 78 CSS-files, 219 images / 24368 downloads (temporaer.net) – In between (first official UMO-release!)

released 2005-04-18 / 410KB, 72 CSS-files, 220 images / 6989 downloads (temporaer.net)

0.9.9 – The nearly perfect one ;)

released 2005-04-05 / 392KB, 71 CSS-files, 219 images / 3318 downloads (temporaer.net)

0.9.8 – Inital release and important milestone (first public version);

released 2005-02-25 / 409KB, 60 CSS-files, 233 images / 5630 downloads (temporaer.net)


The icons and artwork used within this theme are copyrighted as far as they are originally developed by e|vo. They might be used only with permission of the author.
The CSS-files are free to use with regard to their licensing. If you like to include parts of the Brushed CSS-files into your theme, please provide a line with my name in the contributors-section of the license block.

The usage of this theme is free and will always be.
Thanks to
all donators!