Im folgenden finden Sie eine Liste (in englischer Sprache) meiner technischen Fähigkeiten, die für Ihr Projekt zum Einsatz kommen.

Computer Engineering & Design

Proponent of Open Standards principles, highly inspired by the history of Hypertext and influenced by the idea of the Read/Write Web and Free/Libre & Open Source Software.


Intense work with HTML since 1996.
Focus on standards compliance, semantic markup and collaboration.
Separation of content, presentation and application layers.
Responsive Design, for sure. Better Mobile First.

Excellent knowledge of
  • HTML,
  • CSS (all levels; BEM, OOCSS, Sass/LESS & post-processors enhanced),
  • JavaScript and JS frameworks, like RequirejS or jQuery.
  • Rich snippets and structured data (Microdata, Microformats, RDFa)

PHP, AJAX, JSON and Apache directives.
Knowledge of ASP (JScript & VBScript-basics)


Excellent knowledge of peculiarities of all major desktop browser rendering engines and popular browsers of major mobile plattforms
Firefox extension development (XUL)


WordPress or Drupal prefered Plone (TAL)
Experience in Typo3, SilverStripe, Joomla!, Plone Postnuke

Collaborative Web-Applications:

MediaWiki, Dokuwiki, Tiddlywiki, WebCalendar, phpBB

Code Editors:

Sublime Text (♥), TopStyle, HomeSite (VTML), BBedit, EmEditor, NoteTab

Dev Tools:
Debugging & Performance

Firefox Developer Tools (♥), Firebug (♥), Chrome Dev Tools, Adobe Edge Inspect, Fiddler, YSlow, Google PageSpeed Service, UglifyJS or Closure Compiler

Versioning Software:

Subversion, Git

Web Analytics:

Google Analytics, Piwik


Photoshop, Imageready, PNGGauntlet, Fireworks,
InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand, QuarkXpress, Acrobat (PDF-Writer, Distiller);

HTML5 Animation:

Adobe Edge CC Animate


Flash (Actionscript) basics , Optimaze


dps-Velocity, Premiere, VirtualDub, Cleaner, Quicktime Pro
DV & Digital Beta


Libre/OpenOffice, Microsoft Office

Operating Systems:

Windows and MacOS and Linux

Mobile Operating Systems:

Android prefered, Firefox OS