Welcome to temporaer,
a Consulting & Web Development company founded by Volker Eckl.
temporaer is focused on Front-end Development and Interaction-Design.

What can we do for the success of your product/company?

9+ years professional experience in consulting, planning, designing and developing of successful web projects,
Bundling strong communication skills and in-depth technical knowledge necessary to build up a state-of-the-art web site/application:

  • Standards compliant, semantic & highly maintainable markup,
  • Mobile first & responsive approaches,
  • Progressive enhancement,
  • UI design & UX best practices,
  • Usability & accessibility measurements,
  • Front-end performance,
  • Microdata/microformats,
  • Collaborative techniques and
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Working in Agile development process,
  • together with profound knowledge of analytical and debugging tools.

Please also have a look at the list of skills or visit the blog.