Michael Jantzen

Full-stack engineer and consultant on website launch for renowned artist Michael Jantzen.

moodley brand identity hired me for technical conception and implementation of the new website for Michael Jantzen (not available any more). The work of artist and conceptual designer Jantzen is well-known internationally and involves architecture, design and fine arts.

The corporate identity developed by moodley is continued seamlessly in the website’s interface, which features an innovative front-end approach while still offering ease-of-use on the editor’s side based on WordPress. Noteworthy are the integrated media asset management, implementation of automatically generated images with custom web fonts and screen-reader/search engine fallback or the presentation of project detail pages in chrome-less dialogs via iframes.

michaeljantzen.com - Screenshot of artis website Michael Jantzen

The corporate identity including the website was awarded with an ADC 2009 Mention.

The corporate identity including the website implementation achieved a honorary mention at Josef Binder Award 2010 by Design Austria.

Contractor was moodley brand identity. Albert Handler and Anouk Rehorek were responsible for corporate design. Image copyrights are held by Michael Jantzen.