Hi to all the people outside waiting for Brushed for Firefox 2.
I’ve received many, many e-mails during the recent weeks asking for a new version and one person – thanks Huji – even brought in lines of code.

I’m quite sorry that I haven’t got the version update ready yet. But three other projects are taking all my time at the moment, two of them will be presented here more or less intensively in the near future.

Currently I’m writing these lines from within Firefox 1.5 because I need to start with a complete new profile in 2.0. My current profile with all its saved passwords and autocomplete information and about:config hacks and various installed, reinstalled and deinstalled extensions, that I can’t live without is responsible for slowing down the appearance of a new window in Fx to approximately 2-3 seconds.
Therefore I want to come up with a new default profile where I have to copy all the above mentioned information.

And this for sure has influence of the progress for Brushed too.

But I’m trying to get a beta release published here soon.
So please, come here again and have a look!

e|vo aka Volker E.