Accessibility Validation/Notifications/Audits as part of Firefox Developer Tools

Mozilla’s mission to “promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web” would go perfectly with a deeper integration of accessibility validation/notifications/audit measurements at Firefox Developer Tools.
It would help raising awareness of developers and product managers about this important part of web development and lower costs of audits (by saving time) in dev process.

There are currently two ideas at the Firefox Developer Tools feedback channel around that topic:

Go vote for it! 3 Startup Screen Alternative

Whoever wants to change the startup screen of 3 to a better alternative, here you go (it’s the screen originally of 3 beta):

Download-Link for the containing intro.bmp

You have to put it into your installation directory, common ones are:

  • Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10: /usr/lib/openoffice/program/openintro_ubuntu.bmp
  • Linux: /opt/openoffice.org3/program/intro.bmp
  • Windows: 3intro.bmp

If you like so, you can also disable the startup screen, as described at

Publishing date for Brushed for Firefox 2

Hi to all the people outside waiting for Brushed for Firefox 2.
I’ve received many, many e-mails during the recent weeks asking for a new version and one person – thanks Huji – even brought in lines of code.

I’m quite sorry that I haven’t got the version update ready yet. Read more

Fight against Comment Spam in WordPress

As some might have noticed, this blog was down for several hours/days in the last few weeks.
The reason for this was COMMENT SPAM.
In the beginning (around 6 months ago) I thought on getting along with it without countermeasure. But spam rose to a climax of about 30 per day. I’ve received somewhat 1000 unsolicited comments, only two of them were published – by accident. This is due to the very well-done comment-handling tools in WordPress. But I like to know what people are writing on my site, so I am getting an e-mail whenever a comment needs approvement. So it got an unbearable situation.

Solutions: Turing-Test, collaborative fight?!
Read more