Today, a coalition of 36 civil rights organisations from all over Europe invites everyone to participate in an EU-wide action day to demand that the next European Parliament defends digital civil and human rights.

We Promise Campaign is a campaign that seeks to bring digital rights like for example support for privacy legislation to the agenda of the upcoming European elections 2014.

The European Parliament is taking more and more decisions that have a direct impact on our rights and freedoms. In the past five years, and other civil rights organisations from across Europe have been fighting for better data protection and privacy rules, the free and open Internet, access to information and advocating for copyright reforms.

We have to fight for an open and democratic internet! We can act now to push for positive measures to support our freedoms and to make sure that there will not be more European proposals to carry out surveillance, to censor the Internet or to stifle free speech. This is our opportunity to shape sustainable technology policies from the very beginning of a new European parliamentary term.

says Joe McNamee from European Digital Rights.

Update 2014-05-30
The successful campaign made 434 candidates from 25 Member States signing the 10-point charter of digital rights. Following up the elections 83 of them are now Members of European Parliament.