14 thoughts on “Publishing date for Brushed for Firefox 2”

  1. Hi Volker,

    That is great news! I posted a comment about this blog to the Brushed page on UMO, but if you could post it there, it would be best. It appears that most people did not check this blog!

    Thanks for your great work!!!

  2. Hi, I’m very excited to hear this as well – I’m a big fan of your theme and have missed it ever since I upgraded to 2.0. Looking forward to the upcoming release, thanks for all your great work and dedication!

  3. Elvin Spencer 2006-12-03 at 02:38

    Hello elvo,

    I am very pleased to know that you will be releasing an updated version of Brushed soon. I still use the older
    version thanks to “The nightly tester tool” but I would
    rather use a release that’s designed for FF 2.0.
    I’m looking forward to it. Brushed is a excellent Theme!

    Thanks for all your hard and exceptional work.


  4. Thanks, I have avoided 2.0 because I can’t live without ‘brushed’. Thanks for the quality work.

  5. Brushed is the best theme in the world for the best browser in the world!

    Good job Elvo!!!

    I can’t wait for it!!!

  6. hi,

    i am definitely not rushing you, nor is this an attempt to coerce you. but i was wondering if you had an updated release date for brushed? thanks much, i luv your work!

  7. I can’t wait any longer!!!!!!

  8. I’m trying to be patient, though it’s killing me that I’m using iFox Smooth instead of Brushed for FF2.0!

  9. elvo,
    will hier natürlich auch nicht drängeln… ;)… aber wie stehen die dinge im moment?

    freu mich auf ein FF2-theme


  10. Hey man, just dropping by to say that as soon as you get that beta out i’ll help with testing it. ;) I can’t wait. =p

  11. Wäre ein nettes Weihnachtsgeschenk, wenn es das Theme in den nächsten Tagen gäbe ;)
    Dieses “Brushed-Hunz” geht zwar, allerdings sieht die Suchleiste da nicht so toll aus…

  12. I can’t wait for you to finish and release the beta. As many have told you, your theme is one, if not, the best Firefox theme there is.

    I just can’t wait for you to publish the beta.

    One suggestion, you should edit your Firefox theme add-on page, letting people know that you are working on an update for the Brushed theme. I would be really helpful.

  13. Hallo Volker,

    frohe Weihnachten!
    Zusätzlich in der Hoffnung, die Weihnachtsfeiertage lassen ein wenig Zeit fürs Basteln an Brushed ;-)

  14. elvo’s Buttons have now been ripped off by Huji and he has put themes on Addons with them –


    What a loser that Huji is – talentless.

    Mandy :(

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