To all pleasure seekers:
I’d liked to release early this time and I’ve really tried hard to get a beta-version of Brushed going for you as a little present right on 24th.
But I didn’t succeed as I got ill a few days ago and changes between the code base of Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 are more difficult than I’ve suspected (tabs are completely corrupted at the moment, no tab-closebutton to see at all).

I’m lookin forward releasing before New Year’s Eve, although I’m an optimistic person in regards to release dates. Working digitally and being optimistically time-wise seems to be a contradiction in terms sometimes. ;)

Schöne Feiertage!
e|vo alias Volker E.

45 thoughts on “Brushed 2beta release date”

  1. ah, thanks for the update =) when you do release the beta make sure that firefox won’t overwrite version so there’s a fallback =p

  2. Thanks for all the effort… hope you’re feeling better. Happy Holidays!

  3. Awesome! I eagerly await this more than the new year!!!

  4. Hi! Keep up the good work, and get well soon. Thanks and happy new year!

  5. w00t!! Thanks very much… need I say it is my fav theme? Happy New Year to all.

  6. Can’t wait, again, thanks a ton!!!

  7. right on… looking forward to it… brushed is the best theme out there… thanks man…

  8. I love brushed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brushed Theme Forever!!!!!!!

  9. Elvin Spencer 2006-12-31 at 17:37

    Looking forward to the new release of my favorite theme. I hope you are felling better. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

  10. Where is it?

  11. Brushed is the best theme ever. Can’t wait to have it back!

  12. I agree – Brushed is the best theme; I delayed my 2.0 upgrade to keep using Brushed.

  13. Jeudi 4 Janvier !
    Can’t wait ^^ , thanks for your good work , and Happy new year !!!
    AliaS93 , a french user from the Eiffel tower ;p

  14. Hi Volker, I will gladly wait for your update and accept no substitutes or imitators!!! Pay no mind to the impatient who feel like you owe them something. Most of us understand very well that quality and thoroughness take time, and that you also have a life outside of Brushed!

  15. I agree. Please do not rush out a version. Brushed should really stay rock-solid as it is for 1.5.x.

  16. Thanks for all your positive comments and your patience.
    I’m making progress, although various things are annoying me at the moment.

    • There is again a thin line between the toolbars and the tabs. I’ve needed several days in Fx 0.9 to get rid of it, then — after the code base changed in Fx 1 — I repeated searching for a solution on it
    • The new layout of the go-button, the Search-Engine-button and the search-button is rather complex. I’m really brooding over nice Brushed-compliant graphics for them. And I need to publish a beta before, otherwise all of you will turn away by seeing no public progress
    • The old XBL-Binding for the restart badge, inspired by Alex Wongs Charamel, doesn’t work any longer :(
    • Last but not least, I’ve already changed some inconsistencies concerning icons (preferences, urlbar,…) :)
  17. Ah, okay. One thing I’ve forgot:
    Tab close buttons are already working!

  18. Check this out:
    I haven’t tried it yet but it is supposed to work with and have a few tweaks (like go button, etc.)
    Found it on Mozilla’s Add-on site

  19. the freewebs theme is not bad, but I think the original tabs look much better than the new style he has created.

  20. This is the e|vo’s Skin ?

  21. No, IT IS NOT!
    To be honest, I’m not happy with it. But it’s clear I need to long, so a rip-off was not to avoid.
    I know the author, in general I think he’s a nice guy, but I would have seen it more useful to work _together_ on a next version, than forking. Moreover I haven’t explicitly allowed the usage of my images or the name.
    As you might assume, I’m not feeling very happy with the situation :(

  22. i tried it,didnt last long though.
    just didnt like it,so im going to wait for evo
    still doing thunderbird?,i would love to have both

  23. yeah… your original theme is still superior… thanks for the work you’re putting in, its appreciated by many FF users out there!

  24. Guys, I just wanted to be helpful to the people who really wanted this theme. I posted it in such a way that you can only find it if you go through elvo’s theme on Mozilla. You can’t find it through a search engine. So effectively it’s only for those who keep checking the Brushed site on Mozilla.
    Now, I’m not sure what elvo means by „working together“. I e-mailed him a working theme two months ago and he was free to use it to speed up his own work. In the meantime, he could have at least posted it as a beta.

  25. looking forward to the beta. i really do miss brushed. hopefully it will be out soon!!! *fingers crossed*

    keep up the good work and attention to detail.

  26. Brushed is by far the best theme for Firefox. I look forward to a new release, even if it’s a beta. The other theme linked here is bulky and looks pretty bad, considering it’s trying to be Brushed. e|vo, take your time. We’ll all be patient.

  27. Curtis in Finland 2007-01-18 at 05:11

    BRUSHED is a truly compelling theme for which I have not found an equal. It’s an almost achingly elegant solution – in both the engineering and design sense – with an attention to detail and a finely crafted „feel“ that makes a virtual experience almost tangible!

    – The design is integral with the function and not merely a gratuitous overlay of ornamentation; It not only facilitates my use of Firefox but almost defines it – It’s not an exaggeration to say that I don’t enjoy using the browser as much without it.

    …As to the „imitations“, I shall rush to ignore them and be content to wait. – Push and shove, jump all over someone else’s work and then finally appropiate it wholesale – just to f**k it up – all in the name of helping me?! – So sad: Get a life! …I really have to laugh, but If I were so shamelessly ripped-off, I’d have to hunt them down. …Volker, if I might be so bold as to request a „feature“, please add a copyright sign (c) to your work – I think it is you that is the *nice guy*…

    – You don’t really have to post this; It is, however, an sincere expression of appreciation and support! :-))

  28. for those of you that want brushed on firefox 2 just google for nightly tester tools and force the compatibility on brushed, i’ve been using it and aside from a few qwerks, it works lovely

  29. Hey!

    Have you abandoned this theme?? I keep checking but I don’t see any updates on your progress or if you’re even still working on it.

  30. I hope that you find the time finishing the ff2 update for your outstanding brushed theme. I had to change to the default theme and feel quite unhappy about that. Please make sure though that the great usability and stability of the old theme is kept up.

    Should you require any help to speed up development, please state it here.

  31. Brushed remains the best theme out there. comes in second place in my book. It’s better than the various iFox themes, but e|vo’s Brushed remains first.

  32. Huummm I stay to the version , i think that the project is dead .

  33. … any updates?

  34. elvo’s Buttons have now been ripped off by Huji and he has put themes on Addons with them –

    What a loser that Huji is – talentless.

    Mandy :(

  35. Hm… Kommt da noch was, oder war’s das jetzt mit dem Brushed-Theme. Wäre schade, aber nachdem Du nun seit Monaten eine neue Version ankündigst, glaub ich nicht mehr dran. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere war auch mal ein Thunderbird Theme in Planung?! Naja, die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt…

  36. Hm… Kommt da noch was, oder war’s das jetzt mit dem Brushed-Theme. Wäre schade, aber nachdem Du nun seit Monaten eine neue Version ankündigst, glaub ich nicht mehr dran. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere war auch mal ein Thunderbird Theme in Planung?! Naja, die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt…

  37. hey, don’t give that Huji such a hard time, everyone’s been waiting for a version of brushed for ff2 for almost a year now. This is what happens when a good product stops evolving when the markets needs it, it’s only a sign of how awesome the original application is. The people that downloaded the forked version will get back to the original brushed once available for ff2. Many people just want something ’now‘, and I don’t feel you can blame ‚em. It’s not that Huji’s making money out of this or anything.
    I can only hope Huji’s work is an incentive for e|vo to increase efforts in creating a working ff2 version of the original brushed so we can all be happy again, in stead of using that energy to bash a fan, which is basically what Huji seems to be.

  38. Good one, maarten!
    This is a real positive message.
    I’m sorry, that I can’t reply to all the people all the time. But many things on the future of Brushed have crossed my mind in recent times. Momentarily the publishing of Huji’s theme at have given death to Brushed in my thoughts.
    I do understand him, because you get back a lot of good feedback immediately and people probably told him to “keep up his good work” as they’ve done to me.
    Now I’m not quite sure again. One thing I for sure will do is to open up all resources of Brushed soon, so that all images will be under a Creative Commons License or something like that. There are already that many rip-offs, or Safari-inspired themes, that some could perhaps profit by the rather well-done images by me.
    And I keep on thinking how to go on.

    Many greetings, e|vo alias Volker E.

  39. Marsha Presley 2007-03-17 at 22:32

    e|vo – Please do not get discouraged or consider „death“ for Brushed. It is the most elegant and professional theme out there — and no others even come close. That is why we are all so chomping at the bit for the newer version. We do so appreciate you allowing to use the fruits of your labor (and you are obviously a perfectionist — so we understand its a lot of work) — for free for so long — and do hope that you will continue to bless us with your talent. I am still on FF 1.5 — so I can continue to be patient, but I would so hate to lose such a elegant addition to my FF when I do upgrade — just as TB looks so lame next to FF without Brushed. And I agree with maartens — Huji means well, and is only trying to help. He’s simply no e|vo — and that is why we all keep coming back HERE. Thank you for your efforts so far.

  40. The ripoffs may have the icons in common but do not reach brushed in neither look&feel nor cleanliness.

    e|vo, please do not let brushed die.

  41. I like your skin more then the other ones. Your skin has more 3D look, and all the other ones looks plain and flat.

  42. No, please, e|vo don’t give up! Your theme is a perfect one and people, who do understand style and design, appreciate your great work. Thats why some people searching for i would say „surrogates“ of original theme, but those do not bring any satisfaction, believe me.

  43. What can I say… since I could use brushed any moooore, I can’t find any proper theme… Jumping from one to another like lost soul… ;( Thank you for the best ever theme

  44. Firefox2.0`version up@please from Japan

  45. Please do not give up on this theme. So far I have refused to upgrade to Firefox 2.0 until Brushed is upgraded, that’s how much I appreciate its elegance, simplicity, and its solid feel. I agree with previous posts that the imitations won’t ever really replace it, and seeing your icons on them only makes me wish for this theme more. Thank you for all your hard work on making Brushed so good, and I hope you will consider continuing it for Firefox 2.0. We would all be very grateful!

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