Many of you folks out there have asked me for a matching port of Brushed for Thunderbird. Let me shortly explain my point of view.
It’s quite clear to me that many people will laugh out loudly when they are asked to give away money for a program’s theme as there are that many who offer such things for nothing. So do I.
But you have to look a bit closer…
I have spent several dozens of hours to get it as professional as it is now (estimated 120 hours until now). Moreover further developement is – as time passed by – no longer to fulfill my needs. Brushed works perfectly in my profile with my extensions on my computer. At the very moment it’s your profiles, your extensions, your screen resolutions and perhaps only my small addiction to perfection that get me into providing new releases.

There are many software packages which have their reason for existence because of their User Interface Design. For example think of Microsoft Plus! or Mac OS X‘ Aqua Interface, which has – ever since it’s release – been a selling point for Apple.

To get to the point, I will officially start developing a Thunderbird version when donations will have reached my target of 35,– €/$. It’s not that one should spend a whole lot. For sure only one buck is a good start. By the way, 35,– € cover the expenses of electricity and internet for two months ;). Although I will take most of eventual donations for other free software or open source projects

For this purpose I have included a donation progressmeter: include(„“);

And don’t forget: It’s by no means oblivious to donate. Brushed for Firefox is free and will “forever” be. Donation only has influence on my motivation and further developement to ensure a professional user experience.

35 thoughts on “Donate – if you’ve got resources and like my work”

  1. Hi, just sent you $5 euro for you to eventually do a thunderbird „brushed“ theme.


  2. Thank you Regent, among others especially people like you are ensuring the progress and the further developement of the free on the net!

  3. Like the attention to detail you have done on the firefox theme, much appreciated! My only pick would be: Yellow in the URL bar when browsing a secure site? This is the best theme available so I donated 10 euro… would love to have a matching thunderbird theme. Find all the other thunderbird themes buggy and busy… Good work….

  4. Hey :-)

    I just donated €5 for your project! I enjoy your Firefox theme, and it has a very professional feel. It’s by far the greatest theme i’ve come by :-)
    I look forward to a great theme for Thunderbird too…

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Excellent theme for Firefox, allows my XP machine to have a complete silver brushed effect. Donated as it would be great if we can get a Thunderbird version… and even maybe a Sunbird???

  6. Well???

  7. Hi Roger and all the others, I’d liked to write a comment here towards Brushed for Thunderbird, but I am working on two other breathe-taking, interesting projects at the moment, so I did not have much time for writing status updates. Moreover I’m on vacation next week, so please stay patient for some more days!

    Many greetings, e|vo

  8. Can’t wait to see it. =]

  9. so curious to see the tb version! brushed is by far the cleanest and classiest theme available. your fans will certainly wait patiently…

  10. good luck and glad that you met your donation target for developing brushed for thunderbird. firefox and thunderbird are some of the best opensource programs i have ever seen, and it is great user interface people like yourself that brings out the best in those apps. apple has set the bar pretty high but it can serve to inspire us all, no? and apple are not perfect, people have different ui needs and desires…

  11. I look forward to the update for firefox- enjoy the donation and thanks!

  12. … jeden Tag eine gute Tat, ganz in diesem Sinne, eine kleine Spende ;) Das du noch viele gute Taten begehst!

  13. I love this theme and I would love to see a windows xp theme in brushed aluminum. As well as one for thunderbird. Thanx for the good work.

  14. Thanx for your theme. And your work!

  15. Any idea when we could expect to see a TB „Brushed“? I can’t wait. :)

  16. It’s on the way, I promise!
    But I haven’t fixed a release date, as there are too many things left. It’s in mid-alpha-stage at the moment.
    Greetings, e|vo

  17. I’m NOT going to contribute since yours is the only theme that consistently DOESN’T work, on all FF’s!

  18. I do like your brushed theme wish to encourage you to create one for Thunderbird. It is very polished. I donated $5 (Euro) to the cause. Thank you.

  19. Best FF theme I’ve found! Now to match it in Thunderbird. My $6.02 (5 EURO) on the way.


  20. What’s ‚Pierre‘ talking about? I haven’t found any part of Brushed that doesn’t work. (Anxiously awaiting the FF 1.5 version..) I’ll slide $5 your way…

    Thanks –

  21. Hey,

    Like many others, I am awaiting the Firefox 1.5 version of Brushed. Is that still in development? I’d love to donate to your worthy cause if you happen to get that slick theme back up for 1.5 =)

  22. Thunderbird pleeeaaase!!!!

  23. Johannes Schaub 2005-12-04 at 20:06

    Just donated 35.00 EUR for your *brushed* theme for Firefox and your similar work for Thundebird.
    At last I was able to install (‚drag and drop‘) your Version for FF 1.5! – and it works smothly.
    Thanks for your work.

  24. Thank you Johannes.
    Wow! ;)

  25. Have donated €5 to the fund, looking forward to the next version.

  26. My friend:
    I love the Firefox theme. Today, when I went to, I was all excited to download a matching Thunderbird 1.5 theme, but was very disappointed to find that you have not yet released a matching theme.

    I would love to see a Brushed theme for OS X 4.4, as well as for Firefox and Thunderbird. This however, would cost a great deal of money to develop, I am sure. Currently, my bank account is empty of money (it’s the end of the month), as I live on a fixed income (a small pension from the government). I will send at least $10 to you after the 3rd of the month (February, 2006) to help in your development efforts. If you promise to develop an OS X 4.4 theme, I will send $10 each month until it is released.

  27. Not to cause trouble, but if you solicit payment for something, then people have a reasonable expectation that what they’d contributed toward will appear. And yet, it’s been months…

  28. Dear Curious,
    You’re right. From a moral point of view. But I have to say, that I only have stated to start developement of a TB version.
    There have been various things that have cutted my motivation down on this work.

    • First of all, I have to work much more and strengthen efforts towards my studies, than it had been by developing Brushed for Fx.
    • Second, the documentation of themeing for Thunderbird is even worse than I have supposed when finishing Brushed Fx.
    • And third there’s one thing I don’t really like to publish, that I will only tell here.
      I am kind of disappointed by average users of There are so many crappy themes concerning technical and graphical aspects, that have far more success in download numbers. So I am kind of angry of publishing a very good theme, that is not getting smallest attention by most of the users.

    NEVERTHELESS will I promise to continue work in Mozillian-themes area, as long as there are more than only a few people who admire my work. There is no difference, if they have donated sthg. or not, as long as they know how much work they are looking like in my theme(s) and that for these people mine(s) are superior to many others.

  29. Well answered in a logical and reasonable way, E|vo. Rest assured that your theme is truly appreciated by many, many discerning users…I’ve seen references to it in a lot of different places, and it’s always described as being something special.

  30. e|vo,

    thank you for your dedicated work, provisions, and support of the open source movement. excellence in all things, including gui & skinning dramatically serves the cause!

    no shame in donations, but there is honor is sacrifice… keep making them.


  31. Brushed for Firefox is an incredibly well designed theme, I can’t wait until you’ve completed Brushed for TB. I think it’ll get a ton of downloads off of

  32. Rich (Connecticut) 2006-04-02 at 09:36

    Absolutely the best theme out there,and I dont even use FireFox,I run standard Mozilla 1.7.6-1 and works perfectly for me.Nice Job!Cant wait for Thunderbird!

  33. Rich (Connecticut) 2006-04-02 at 10:08

    To avoid confusion,let me define works perfectly.The browser looks and functions fine with the setup that I have.There may be certain features that may not function or look as the author intended,but as I stated it works perfectly for ‚me‘.What works for me may not work for you depending upon your setup.At any rate,still the best theme out there.

  34. Brushed is by far the best theme for Firefox. It works perfectly on my Mac optimised build (Deerpark), and with all of the extensions I use daily. I hope the TB theme is still on the horizon, Your efforts are certainly appreciated every time I go online.

  35. I have to say that I have been patiently waiting for the brushed theme for FFX2.0. It will be an exiting day to finally use this theme again. Only reason why i do not use it is in dialog boxes the text extends past the button so it looks sloppy. I hope that there is still work on the 2.0 theme… I recommend this theme to everyone I know that likes Macs but are forced to use PC’s to do things.

    Keep up the good work!

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