Many of you folks out there have asked me for a matching port of Brushed for Thunderbird. Let me shortly explain my point of view.
It’s quite clear to me that many people will laugh out loudly when they are asked to give away money for a program’s theme as there are that many who offer such things for nothing. So do I.
But you have to look a bit closer…
I have spent several dozens of hours to get it as professional as it is now (estimated 120 hours until now). Moreover further developement is – as time passed by – no longer to fulfill my needs. Brushed works perfectly in my profile with my extensions on my computer. At the very moment it’s your profiles, your extensions, your screen resolutions and perhaps only my small addiction to perfection that get me into providing new releases.

There are many software packages which have their reason for existence because of their User Interface Design. For example think of Microsoft Plus! or Mac OS X‘ Aqua Interface, which has – ever since it’s release – been a selling point for Apple.

To get to the point, I will officially start developing a Thunderbird version when donations will have reached my target of 35,– €/$. It’s not that one should spend a whole lot. For sure only one buck is a good start. By the way, 35,– € cover the expenses of electricity and internet for two months ;). Although I will take most of eventual donations for other free software or open source projects

For this purpose I have included a donation progressmeter: include(„“);

And don’t forget: It’s by no means oblivious to donate. Brushed for Firefox is free and will “forever” be. Donation only has influence on my motivation and further developement to ensure a professional user experience.

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