Peter Calveley of New Zealand is trying to overthrow Amazon’s controversial “One-Click” patent (US Patent 5,960,411). I support his attempt with a donation (25$/1% of needed amount) for the reexamination fee.

Some people might ask, what I’m going to do with the donations I’m getting for Brushed development. I do things like >this< .
In the mid-summer I was involved in activities against the Software Patent Directive of European Union. Further information towards the subject can be found at FFII.

Now I’ve taken the opportunity to give in something to fight against one of the most well-known and most trivial software patents nowadays. What makes me stand up against this? Don’t I want to support intellectual property or don’t I believe in property rights? Well, I do. BUT the common practice at the moment of the patent system on software in the U.S. as well as in Europe will hinder innovation and will, above all, support monopolists. Others are arguing the problems of “easy-patents” much better than myself.

The original (German) article about Peter Calveley’s initiative has been published at heise online.