Yes, that’s alright! I haven’t observed the numbers that vigilantly, as Brushed for Firefox must already have surpassed 1.000.000 downloads at for more than a week now. This are only the numbers of downloads from their site, at mine are a few tenthousands more.

Thanks a lot to all of you, who have already downloaded and appreciated using it and who have given support to improve this theme. For all others: GO, GET IT!

19 thoughts on “Brushed surpasses 1 million download mark”

  1. Congratulations! I can hardly wait to see „Brushed“ for Thunderbird! Keep up the good work!

  2. These numbers only indicate how very well done Brushed really is. Are you ready to give the community a teaser for future development plans ?


  3. Long time user here. It’s a beautiful, beautiful theme, very professionally done. It still shocks me everytime I go to the firefox themes page that Brushed isn’t listed in the top downloads list. Are those people nuts or what?

    Anyway, I agree with von Martin here: future plans will be nice to know. May I make a suggestion as to the one thing I’ve always felt would be an improvement? I think if you make the drop down menus also have the brushed skin, instead of the flat gray, it would be *perfecto*.:-) This is the only thing that sorta bugs me about the theme.

    The only other thing I’ve noticed is a change that occured with some skins when FF went from to the wrapping of text in the bookmark menu seems to have been altered, so that menus can get to a really fat width if a bookmarked page title is lengthy.

  4. love brushed – this is by far the best theme out there. will there be an update for firefox v2 soon? the search box looks a little out of scale with the newest builds.

    thanks for the great work on this theme!

  5. I absolutely love brushed, it’s the perfect theme – thankyou!

    I was wondering if you ever had it in mind to make it for Thunderbird too?

  6. It would be a big step to do the same outstandig ‚brushing‘ for Thunderbird.
    We all are waiting…
    Thanks for your great work!

  7. Jonas Mannion 2006-10-12 at 01:14

    I liked „Brushed“ the first time I saw it and have never changed my opinion. It is „home“ to me when I open the browser.
    So elegant in a plain fashion. Very, very well done!
    Thank you for sharing your work.
    Jonas Mannion

  8. My standard theme for Firefox! Very nice. I’ve recntly installed the 2.0 RC and unfortunately the theme is not (yet) compatible with this release. When it becomes available for 2.0, it will be my standard theme again. Very good work!!

  9. Looks great but now we need to have the brushed theme for Firefox 2.0

    Don’t know how long I can last without brushed for my browser.

  10. Steve Scanlan 2006-10-25 at 17:27


    Love the theme. Are you going to do it up for Firefox 2?



  11. 2.0?! :)

  12. Hello all together,
    yes, I’m planning to update Brushed for Fx 2.0. But I’m quite unsure how long it will take as my calendar is full with high-priority tasks at the moment.
    But, you, the visitors of this site, will be the first to know of any further development.
    e|vo aka Volker E.

  13. Your Brushed theme is just superb!! I’m kinda regret that i just learn about it recently but that even enough to postpone my switch to 2.0 although my hand is already itchy for it. Good luck for the 2.0 progress :)

  14. A Firefox 2.0 update would be awesome.. my FF looks incredibly bleak without your Brushed theme. But take your time; as soon as it’s released, i’ll switch back.

    Like the website by the way.


  15. Will there be a Brushed theme for Firefox 2.0?

  16. I will not update to 2.0 because of incompatability with this theme. I hope to see a 2.0 version soon! That would be awesome.

  17. Oh just can’t wait for 2.0! I am postponing the upgrade just because I’m waiting for this theme. :) This theme is so refined. I wish this could be the default theme!

  18. Hi e I vo
    Many thanks for the beautiful Brushed Theme. Unfortunately, I have upgraded to Firefox 2.0 and miss the aesthetic presence of your theme. In view of your workload, is there any chance of an unexpected Christmas gift, in the form of the Brushed Theme for 2.0?
    Best regards.

  19. yeah, I’m also not using firefox 2 until this theme is compatible haha…

    good luck with the update !

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