I’m very proud to announce that my work has come to an important milestone, the first public release of a version of my theme Brushed for Firefox 0.9-1.0.1.

Brushed theme version 0.9.8
It’s not version 0.9.9 as I’ve originally planed, but 0.9.8. There are too many (about 7-10) weird and annoying things left that need time.
Nevertheless it’s absolutely ready to use and completely themed.

You can get it here

A few things should be mentioned right here:
* If you use Tabbrowser Preferences, you will perhaps run into trouble, because of the layout of the options-window, discussed a thread at the themes forum at mozillazine.org here. Perhaps I will go back to a rather „useable“ version till Brushed 1.
* I do absolutely recommend the tabX-Extension, because it is the simplest and completely themed ;) and it provides the best look’n’feel-alike to Safari.
* The interface, especially of the tabs, might be messed up by one or another extension, please tell me about the problems you are running into: open temporaer.net
* The progressmeter isn’t ready at the moment.