Brushed for Thunderbird will be developed and I’m working on releasing a beta-version for interested people soon!

As I have announced at the original call for donations, the money has been used for giving it to other great pieces of – more or less – free software, in the following:

Thanks to all donators!

P.S.: Please be patient with me in regard to developement, currently there are three big projects (partly way bigger than Brushed for Tb) that need my attention, therefore this blog-entry is published quite late…
And there is something called Brushed for Firefox!

27 thoughts on “Brushed for Thunderbird will be developed for public!

  1. Could support 1.5b1 please? I desperately miss having brushed!

  2. Yes, will definitely support Firefox 1.5B1. Moreover the next version of Brushed will be released soon! Greetings, e|vo

  3. If you need a tester for Thunderbird I’m very willing =D

  4. Thanks Elena,
    I’ll get back to your offer as soon as a beta-version is ready!

  5. Will of Brushed 1.5b2 also? Great theme of your’s is deeply missed since getting firefox 1.5b2 awhile back.

  6. Which page should we watch to be sure to see when Brushed for Thunderbird is released?

    It’s hard to wait ;-)

  7. Do you have a plan to implement this Great theme for Mozilla Suite? Not just Firefox…

  8. @ Dennis M: Watch this! ;)
    @ nikon: No, I simply don’t have time to! Sorry.

  9. i like your brushed theme for firefox – thumbs up, great work. ;)
    its nice to hear, that you want to release this theme for thunderbird too.
    if you are looking for another beta-tester, drop me a line.

    best regards

  10. I will be glad to test your T-Bird beta for you. Thank you.

  11. i love brushed for firefox,now just have to wait for tb brushed
    noything else will do

  12. Louis King Jr 2006-01-17 at 08:11

    Brushed was my favorite theme on the Mac OS. Is now my favorite theme on the windows platform. Looking forward to seeing it available for Thunderbird. And yes, would be happy to beta test

  13. I’d also like to test your betas of Brushed for Thunderbird.
    Please let me know when it’s ready.

  14. I as well… been waiting for months. :)

  15. My birthday is Sunday, and I’ll be turning 54. What a wonderful birthday present it would be, if I could download a copy of „Brushed for Thunderbird, Beta“!

    I’m holding my breath.

  16. All the best for your birthday Jonathan. And I keep my fingers crossed for you, that your wish comes true. Of course I would love to be a beta tester as well. (But we all should know that e|vo has some other work to do. Work that brings money…)

    So – go on breathing.

  17. Michelle P.-Sumrall 2006-02-03 at 03:12

    Do you need some actual, physical help? If the documentation is more convoluted for TB than for FF (which I thought was already a little daunting), maybe getting some actual help would be useful?

    Just a thought. I think „Brushed“ rocks. It’s the best theme since Sailfish’s theme (does anyone remember that one? It was unique at the time).

    Do what you have to do.:)

  18. I’ve resumed breathing; continuing with the metaphor, I „put my money where my mouth is“ and donated Euro 10-.

    I agree with Michelle (although I’ve never heard of Sailfish, I have used many other themes — none of them nearly as fine as Brushed).

  19. Thank you Jonathan and thanks to all other commentators and people who are downloading my theme and who are enjoying my work. Believe me, I’m not gonna forget about you. But professional themeing is hard work that needs a lot of attention and time. Both I haven’t had since months.
    And Michelle, yes I could really need physical help. I will send you an e-mail.

  20. congratulations to your great work on brushed firefox theme! very nice one! what’s about a theme for thunderbird? work still in progress?

  21. Thanks Michael,
    the work is still in progress, although it/me is doing slowly.

    Besides other (commercial) work, I only have less than three hours a week for working on Brushed for TB. Therefore it’s more a hobby than work.
    But there’s progress.

  22. Just wondering when the theme for Thunderbird will be done. I noticed there hasn’t been much activity since April.

  23. Brushed is easily the best-designed theme available, no matter what you look at. Thank you very much for making my ’surfvergnügen‘ so much worthwhile! Been using it since… don’t even remember =) The moment Tb Brushed is out I’ll *have* to donate! Man, you’re miles ahead. Offering myself as tester as well…

  24. Still missing the Thunderbird theme, please how is it progressing?

  25. Will you make a Brushed that works with firefox 2 ?

  26. ??????

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