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  1. on the right, we can see some problems with the graphics for example on the right of the searchbar


    but thanks a lot for this great theme

  2. Looks fine to me…

    Also, with the input boxes being rectangular by default, where’s the edit to make them round again? Your options section only shows how to make them rectangular for older versions…

  3. Is there anyway I can change the brushed metal texture to the current skin of Tiger OS X …namely in iTunes? Do you have plans to switch over? Sorry if I am blunt, but the brushed metal seems passe now.

  4. I found your theme through the recent Macworld article and like it a lot. I share TheBrain’s question, though: I’d like to know whether I can keep the rounded input boxes.

  5. I love this theme. Unfortunatly it seems Chromedit doesn’t. If I want to use Chromedit I must switch to the default theme.

  6. Description for Rounded Inputs can now be found at the theme’s page!
    @ Someone: A solution for this is already on the way. Will be included in!
    Greetings, e|vo

  7. Mark Shlomchik 2005-10-25 at 23:16

    Forgive my ignorance as I am brand new to Firefox (but love it). I downloaded the .jar file and tried to open it, but got an error message. Console showed this:

    Invalid or corrupt jarfile /Users/markwork/Desktop/Internet Downloads/brushed-

    What am I doing wrong?


  8. I like the theme. One issue that I have, however, is that I would like to define the size of the OPTIONS window so that it opens much larger than the default size. It needs to be large enough to show the entire COOKIES section when it is dropped.

  9. Chris Thatcher 2005-10-27 at 20:12

    Brushed theme works great so far. However, when I have multiple windows open, the windows in the background revert back to the standard Firefox theme. Is there any way to fix it so that even background windows retain the brushed theme?



  10. Hi all!
    @Mark: I don’t have any idea. Please try again…

    @Bogash: I’ve already tried to get a good solution to this, but there might still be some glitches and Cookies-section is one of this. Will be fixed in an upcoming release!

    @Chris: This might be a bug within Firefox and not within my theme. Perhaps your profile is corrupt?


  11. Mark-don’t click on download, click on install and it goes straight to Themes in Firefox Tools menu. https://temporaer.net/open/themes/brushed-version_history.php
    It took me a while to figure this out! I’m loving this theme, great work e|vo!! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

  12. Nothing to add, just wanted to thank you again, looks great!

  13. very sleek! keep up the good work.. now, will you make a thunderbird equivalent.. please!

  14. e|vo, as I said before, I love this theme. However, if I may be an annoying fusspot, can I point out that the search bar is slightly lower than the address bar. Only by a half millimetre
    or so. It’s not a big deal though. Thank you for your work. Will give you a good review.

    Update — 2005-10-31 @ 00:46: Forgot to say, am using and Fx 1.5B2.

  15. Brushed is without any doubt my favorite theme for Firefox. I want to congratulate you first and foremost for a great job.

    However, upon upgrading to, (and beta 1.5, or rather the other way around) I have found that ChromEdit (which happens to be one of my essential extensions, especially when I’m using themes with subskins) appears broken when I am using your theme. This does not happen with any other of the themes I’ve installed (Safire, Rein, and so on).

    Is there a known issue at work here? If not, please be advised that there seeems to be something amiss between your theme and said extension. I hope it’s fixable.

    Again, congratulations and thanks for a great theme.

    Rara Avis

  16. Hi Rara,
    thanks for your comment!

    This is a known issue and is gonna be solved in the next release.


  17. Can you put a minimum width on the bookmarks, they’re stretching to accomodate some bookmarks with very very long titles. Other than the space on the right of the searchbar eveything is SWEET! :)

  18. There seems to be a problem with the location bar highlight when focused when visiting https websites.

  19. I love the theme but since the version the menu fonts and personnal bar fonts are bigger. I want to switch back to the old size, how can i do ?

  20. I really love the buttons and layout of everything, but I’d like to find a way to get rid of the brushed background… haha! I know it seems retarded, but I think it’s affecting how fast my laptop redraws the firefox window. Also, with certain hovers (ie, bookmarks or extensions) it will show a very pretty blue gradiented box. Any chance to turn this into the same type of background as a regular bookmark pulldown? ;) Just wanted to know if there’s a way to do it and if so, how would be the best way of accomplishing this?

  21. Hi czer323,
    I’m currently working on a theme which you perhaps would prefer over the brushed background.
    Please stay online…

  22. Is there a way to get the rounded address and searchbar back with RC3?

  23. e|vo,
    The default background in firefox uses whatever is skinned in WinXP. Any chance I could get it to just be whatever’s default with Firefox then? That’d work the best with my themes. ;) I was trying to edit the CSS code. It’s a lot more complicated than I had expected. What tools do you prefer to work with?

  24. Oh yes, the SQUARE only input fields are a dealbreaker. Brushed 9.9.5 on FF1.07 looks so great on both my WinXP Pro laptop and my OSX PowerBook. Until an option for round is provided for in future releases, I’ll just stick with what I’m using. Super work, though!

  25. Wanted to say thanks for the great theme!!! Any way to put a black outline around the pulldown menus? It kind of gives it a more finished look IMO. Anyways, happy holidays and thanks again!

  26. I love the „Brushed“ theme. However, I made the mistake of switching to the new Firefox 1.5 and I get messages that the theme doesn’t work with with it. Yet I saw something somewhere that it should.
    Ideas? Suggestions? Just wait?

  27. I have windows XP pro and firefox 1.5 I have downloaded the latest version but I get failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute error. How do you install this theme?

  28. On his homepage, the developer says it is compatible:

    „Perhaps this theme for Mozilla Firefox (0.9 – 1.6a1) is what you were looking for:“

    But it doesn’t seem to be for ANYONE using 1.5

    The only reason I upgrade was because he said it was compatible, I’m now stuck with an ugly browser waiting for the Brushed to become compatible… any thoughts?

  29. it works on 1.5… i’ve noticed on some systems you need to delete your profile and install fresh for some themes and extensions to work for some reason.

  30. it might be cool if the bookmark sidebar had the metallic background on it or was at least gray like the pulldowns.

  31. A great theme and the only one I have installed. I like to support the suggestion from „simion lok“ to add a line around the pulldown menus.

  32. By messing with the userchrome thingie I can’t round the googlebar.

    The well rounded extension made by the other guy is a crap and doesn’t work correctly with the only theme I’ve been using for month: brushed

    I want the round menu behaviour restored to the way did.

  33. Chriswan,

    Since it is working for me I allow myself to answer: add this line

    @import url(„chrome://global/skin/theme-options/rounded-url-and-searchbar-blue.css“);

    BEFORE the @namespace url(„http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul“); /* set default namespace to XUL */

    entry in your profiles userChrome.css file.

  34. Were you planning to turn back to the rectangular adress- and searchbar? I would sure appreciate that.
    From the moment that addons.mozilla linked to Brushed, I fell in love with this theme. I use your version on 1.5 and it works wel. I don’t understand why no update link has been posted on addons.mozilla, allthough lots of fellow surfers seem to have found the way to your homepage.

  35. About the round addressbar…
    As I posted above, sometime around RC3 my userchrome.css file was changed. I assumed it was for everyone, but perhaps it was something I did. I no longer have the @namespace entry in the file, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete it. In fact, everything that was written above the section where I had added entries (such as comments) is gone, and only my entries remain. Everything else seems to work fine, and the only reason I noticed is was because my searchbars reverted.

    Any ideas? Is this information in some other file now?

  36. Your Theme for Firefox is GREAT, I can’t imagine to use another one, it one of the most well finished, very clean, very modern.
    Great great great work, thanks a lot!

  37. My favourite theme by miles – was totally crushed when i found it didnt work on version 1.5 – when is the next release out?

  38. Love this theme but have been holding off of upgrading to FF1.5. When will you have an update? Please, please? Thanks

  39. Hi e|vo,
    9.9.6 works super on FF 1.5. I even got the round location/search bar back, thanks to the userCHROME tip. BUT I noticed we are missing the FLAT scrollbars that were so easy to use in favour of the Mac OS X (in my case Graphite) ones. Any way I can return those flat scrollbars myself?

  40. I have finally found out how to enable the border around the pulldown menus:

    add this before the namespace entry in userchrome.css

    /* ..... Brushed: Border on menus ..... */
    menupopup, popup {
    border: 1px solid ThreeDShadow !important;

    This leaves me with exactly two things I am unhappy with.

    1. ChromEdit is not working with Brushed
    2. In the Switch Proxy extension the radio buttons
    are not visible (manual or auto configuration)

    Has anyone found a patch for those issues ?

  41. If 9.9.6 works on FF1.5, can someone tell me how they got it to load – I get a message saying it is not compatible.


  42. @Will,

    Download it not from Mozilla, but from e|vo’s homepage. This one works

  43. Oh yes, this is sweet. FF 1.5 with Brushed 9.9.6 AND the rounded location/search windows. This is, IMHO, the way Firefox SHOULD be delivered by default on all platforms, and the author of this Theme, e|vo, should be well recognized for his tireless efforts. When I switch between Mac & PC, all is harmonious. Thank you e|vo!

  44. @Sprocket999 and Frederic.C: My pleasure!
    @Martin: Thanks for moderating ;) and ChromEdit-support will return by!

  45. martin, thanks for the border around the menu’s option… i was trying to find a way myself. great work.

  46. Thanks for your help – my FF 1.5 is now brushed and gorgeous again.

    Love this theme!

  47. I have tried all the advice here and reinstalled F.F. 1.5 but Brushed will not install and keeps saying „not compatible“. The previous version of F.F. and Brushed worked fine. Someone help!!! Any ideas???

  48. BTW I am running this on Windows XP.

  49. my mistake, the warning window says: „invalid or corrupt file…“

  50. Oh well, seems like a dead sight with no responses. Anyway, I solved my problem. For anyone else who might have this same problem on Win XP, go to the control panel, open „java plug in“, this opens the „java plug in“ control panel, open the „Cache“ tab and click „Clear Jar Cache“. then go back and install the Brushed theme.

  51. When will the brushed theme be available for THUNDERBIRD 1.5

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